Den 8. Solo utstillingen av kunstneren Christian Tony Norum på Edvard Munch sitt forhenværende atelier og tidligere bosted. Nye ferske våte oljemalerier fra den omfattende maleri serien han har holdt på med i en årrekke kan du se i påskens avbrekk 17 april klokken 1300-2200. Hjertlig velkommen.

The 8th Solo exhibition by artist Christian Tony Norum at Edvard Munch's former studio and former residence. New fresh wet oil paintings from the extensive painting series he has been doing for a number of years can be seen in the Easter break of April 17 at 1300-2200. Warm welcome

Automat text written on a mobilephone really fast and NON wild painterly bitten Acrobat:

For centuries The earth has moved and developed human relation to nature. As a symbiotic Logic with consecuenses Of actions and fighting for surviving on mother earth, trees, dinos, oceans, ice, plants, insects, animals, wind, lava, mountain, Palms, minerals, nutrition, and humans have strolled and died to be reborn in matter Of soil spirit and Soul. The sun and The moon, The planets and black backdrop, universe, with black holes Of poetry and living creatures in a harmonic chaotic plate Of dessert to eat USE reuse and take CARE Of and struggle to live life and coexist in a existence philosophical dimention Of multi cultural holistic artistic adventure. Thanks for this life, this time, this body, this subject, that place, that art, this allness everything and nothing, family, history and humble scope Of caleidioscope hope with flowers and grass, birds and glass, arcitecture, nature and living Soul in present, past, future and love for life and love. Dark forces Of inner life struggle pond Of water in The daylight cast, sender resiver, input output, orange green, purple red blue, yellowish purpur, ultramarine Paris blue, oxide cemical terpentine language, lines and strokes Of no hokes hiding, diffrent reality mystic occult vision Of abstract symbolic NON referent theory bulb chirp soccer, neo liberal, geopolitical NON border mentality hatch crack. A performance from The graves, caves, office, structure invisible roof what a scoop. Hard work long distant, short temper but so true untrue, rood radical alternated, fed strict with books and fantasy from a nother time living at this day salute.

You will Get to See The studio Of Edvard Munch, with a guest that is humble, clear but so fair and a crystall suffle. There will be screening Of all The artworks from The former national gallery Of Oslo including The munch sal AS a augmented, reality boost revisit and hankechief hug. Black humor, rolan barthes wannabe walter Benjamin want to See, melting icebergs and a drink Of wine and beer, Charles baudilaire be drunk poems and a spring wing Tingeling cascade ballade hade.

Welcome welcome
Rock n roll
Black metal
What ever
Child friendly

Ein father
Bla bla bla think for your self

We are all beatiful people in a existence philosophical poem

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