Black holes in state of minds.Edvard Munch`s Ekely Oslo.Norway.2016

Video dokumentation of the studio situation by Jon Lundell.People in the movie: Ville,Jon,Kim Andre and Tony.

So what so say about 
This world not so much
Every else then
the pleasure of surviving,the uncertainties
you don't know nothing
but you think you do

bleed we do but some shell around 
keeping not everything falling apart
Crystals pooling up the destination what a nation
the 3rd world war
Narration the human spell

hold around a tree
One man kind present 
not what the woman can or had the chance
explain for us

waves from gravity
black background and a blue circle
what else to explain about

colors of all time
Bend the revved sea
no chance little not
healer in a killer

this can be a counterpoint to activity
beyond abstraction
no catch.
Black hole
In the trees eyes you are all welcome