Nasjonalgalleriets sjel stemme og videreføring

Soloshow by Christian Tony Norum at Nasjonalgalleriet i Oslo

Andrea Bakketun and Christian Tony Norum




Christopher Nielsen og Kim A. Hagen


Kim A. Hagen


Diana Kinnerød 

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Whalesharkattack kicking it, with the next generation of kids.


Then the exhibition continued over the next side of the street, at Universitetsgata 14, The earlier Harald Holst Halvorsens Kunsthandel.

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Former Life

I've lived beneath huge portals where marine 
Suns coloured, with a myriad fires, the waves; 
At eve majestic pillars made the scene 
Resemble those of vast basaltic caves.
The breakers, rolling the reflected skies, 
Mixed, in a solemn, enigmatic way, 
The powerful symphonies they seem to play 
With colours of the sunset in my eyes.
There did I live in a voluptuous calm
Where breezes, waves, and splendours roved as vagrants; 
And naked slaves, impregnated with fragrance,
Would fan my forehead with their fronds of palm: 
Their only charge was to increase the anguish 
Of secret grief in which I loved to languish.
— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)


MVH Christian Tony Norum

All photos taken by Øystein Thorvaldsen