WILDLIFE performance by. Ch. Norum 2017.


Works by:
Andrea Bakketun and Christian Tony Norum
Ann Cathrin November Høibo
Anne Fellner and Burkhard Beschow
Aurora Passero and Robin Danielsson
Aurora Sander
Camilla Steinum
Charlie Roberts
Claire Tolan
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen
Hanne Lippard
Inger Wold Lund
Johanne Hestvold
Marthe Elise Stramrud
Ruben Steinum
Sandra Vaka Olsen
Silje Linge Haaland
Steinar Haga Kristensen
Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen
Tobias Danielsson
Urd J. Pedersen and Calle Segelberg

Curated by: NIKOTIN / Camilla Steinum, Robin Danielsson and Aurora Passero.

Twenty-four international artists will present a total of twenty projects they have created especially for the sculpture park, all of which vary in scale, material and content. The works encompass a wide artistic range, from text-based and performative works, such as a site-specific audio-guided tour, to logs formed by a chainsaw and bronze cast sculptures on a rock foundation. Through these works we wish to invite the public to experience nature and sculptures in new ways. 

Nesoddparken has invited the artist group Nikotin to curate a temporary sculpture park, called Wildlife, which is set to open on 24 June. Situated in a 19,000-square-metre area within a gorgeous sylvan landscape, the sculpture park will present new works by twenty-four artists. The invited projects will be on display in the park for three years. 

The opening will be marked by a special performance and concert programme featuring Christian Tony Norum, Claire Tolan, Inger Wold Lund and Hans Petter Blad, of whom the latter two will recite a text dedicated to a work in the park, as well as concerts by Urd J. Pedersen and Calle Segelberg. Refreshments will be served both indoors and outdoors, and artists renting space at Nesoddparken will keep their studios open and organize an in-house exhibition.

The Nesoddparken Centre of Art and Culture is a venue for artistic and cultural production, surrounded by a large natural landscape in the middle of Nesodden, the peninsula lying straight across from the city of Oslo. The idea of creating a sculpture park here is not a new one. When this has been realized now by virtue of the Wildlife Sculpture Park, we would like to invite the public to help launch this wide-ranging project, one of not only local but also national significance.